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Went to Hoover Toyota at 10 AM for Mount/Bal & Alignment. I needed two of my old tires back.

Manager Jonathan not even bothered to look at me and said it is a law that they cant give my tires back.Meaning Hoover Toyota will keep my tires so that they charge me Disposal fee. I left and went to Walmart.They did it for $15 cheaper, in addition to keep all my tires. Went back to them for alignment. They were pissed off, and asked me to wait till 4:00 PM.

At times, they were free arounf 3:OOpm, but as promised wont give my car back before 4:00.Finally they brought my car at 4:35.No car wash(Signature Red carpet service F***).Happened second time in a row regarding their service. Had oil changed 6 months ago from them(went their by chance). When my next oil change was due, went to my regular express oil change.

They told me Hoover Toyota overflowed while they did Oil change. From now ownwards, F*** hover toyota, wont recommend anyone.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Depending on your state, it actually can be a law. There's a handful of states, California is one of them, that requires old tires to be disposed of properly.

You wouldn't want the tires anyway. To prevent them from being reused, the tire companies are required to put holes in them, usually done with a hole cut drill.

In future, before complaining about the law, make sure the company isn't telling you the truth. Otherwise you don't help your case any.

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